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Truffle Cake Balls are a smaller size cake pop without the stick. We offer these in our gourmet flavors for perfect portion control and taste.

Our online store has products packaged in 12 pieces.  You can also order Truffles in 4, 6, 9, 12 or 24 pieces. If you would like to purchase them in smaller or larger quantities, please submit a Custom Truffle Order and we will gladly prepare a personalized quote.

Truffle Cake Ball Flavors

Standard Truffle flavors start at $1.75/piece. We price each custom order individually so please use our Custom Truffle Order Form to help us prepare a personalized quote.

Gooey Butter

A St. Louis must have! Ooey Gooey Butter cake dipped in dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt. The most delicious sweet & salty combo that will ever entrance your taste buds.

Chocolate Covered Cherry

A deliciously moist chocolate cake filled with cherry pie filling & chunks. Have it dipped your way in white, milk or dark chocolate. We recommend dark chocolate of course.

Mexican Chocolate Chili

Our chocolate cake is laced with cayenne pepper for a spicy little bite. Dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with more cayenne pepper. This one will have your honey hot and bothered!


Delicious spiced cake packed full of fresh carrots and chopped walnuts blended with rich Cream Cheese frosting. We recommend it finished with a smooth white chocolate.

Apple Pie

Moist spiced cake blended with apple pie filling and chunks then dipped in smooth white chocolate.

Chocolate Raspberry

Dark Chocolate cake is infused with raspberry then blended with a fresh raspberry frosting. Have it dipped your way in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Butter Pecan

Smooth butter pecan cake blended with creamy Vanilla frosting, then dipped in milk chocolate topped with crunchy pecans.

Peanut Butter Banana

A tribute to the King – Elvis himself would certainly approve of this cake ball! Moist cake made with fresh ripe bananas and creamy peanut butter then dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Our eggless cookie dough recipe is a mouthful of yum dipped anyway you like in white, milk or dark chocolate topped with ribbons of chocolate & more chocolate chips. Step aside chocolate chip cookie.

Spiked Truffle Cake Ball Flavors

Spiked Truffle flavors start at $2.00/piece. We price each custom order individually so please use our Custom Truffle Order Form to help us prepare a personalized quote.

Guinness Chocolate Stout

Our rich chocolate cake is infused with Guinness Extra Stout then blended with a creamy Guinness infused frosting. Then we dip in dark chocolate topped with a piece of our handmade candied bacon. This is every guy’s dream come true!

Bailey’s Irish Cream

We infuse our butter cake batter with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream and chopped pecans then blend it with more Irish Cream. We recommend it dipped in velvety smooth dark chocolate topped with pecans but it works great with white chocolate too.

Spiked Margarita

We infuse our white cake with a strong Margarita then blend with a creamy Vanilla Tequila frosting. Then we dip in smooth white chocolate topped with sea salt. Think a Salt Rimmed glass of Margarita on the beach.


Our vanilla cake batter is infused with a delicious champagne then more bubbly goes into our frosting. An elegant party in your mouth.

Holiday/Seasonal Flavors

Pumpkin Cheesecake

A delicious pumpkin cake is blended with fresh cream cheese infused with more pumpkin for this cool delicious bite that tastes like Thanksgiving in your mouth! Even the non pumpkin pie lovers will get a kick out of this.


Spicy gingerbread cake blended with creamy vanilla frosting then dipped in white chocolate for that burst of holiday flavor. I bet Santa wouldn’t mind a plate of this!

Candy Cane

Our moist white cake gets dressed up with peppermint bits for the perfect little minty fresh crunch of a candy cane. We recommend it dipped in dark chocolate.

Sweet Potato Pie

Fresh sweet potato puree is blended into our cake batter laced with freshly cracked black pepper then blended with a creamy sweet potato infused frosting.

Spiked Egg Nog

Our cake batter is infused heavily with egg nog & laced with nutmeg then drenched with more egg nog to bind it. Then we dip it in smooth white chocolate sprinkled with fresh nutmeg. Forget the drink…just reach for one of these bites for a decadent taste of the holidays!

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