• Animal Print Cake Pops 1 Animal Print Cake Pops
    This fun assortment of animal print cake pops makes the perfect dessert for a girls night out, birthday or as a gift. Choose from our standard flavors and receive 4 each of zebra, giraffe, and cheetah cake pops. QUANTITY:  1 Dozen (12 cake pops)
  • Celebrate a birthday the STL Cake Pops way! Each Birthday Box includes a 9 inch decorated chocolate chip cookie cake, 12 festive cake pops and 12 chocolate covered Oreos.  This package can serve 18-24 people, at an average of $2.50 per person receiving up to 2 pieces of dessert, this box is a delicious deal! QUANTITY:  1 Box
  • These adorable Bunny Bottom and Carrot Cake Pops are our Easter favorites! They don't stay in stock on our shelves long so pre-order yours for Easter Brunch. QUANTITY:  1 Dozen (12 cake pops)
  • These adorable Bunny Head cake pops are sure to be a treat at the Easter table or in an Easter Basket. Available in standard flavors and assorted colors. QUANTITY:  1 Dozen (12 cake pops)
  • Chocolate dipped classic cake pops Chocolate dipped classic cake pops
    Our delicious classic cake pops are available in 8 flavors and make a delicious gift for a chocolate lover for any occasion! Choose the flavor, color dip, decoration, and decoration color. QUANTITY:  1 Dozen (12 cake pops)
  • Our colorful donut cake pop set makes a unique addition to your birthday or baby shower dessert table! You choose the flavor, but color and decoration are exactly as shown unless you place a custom order. Quantity: 1 Dozen
  • assorted emoji cake pops Emoji Cake Pops
    Order a set of our wildly popular Emoji cake pops as a fun gift or treat for an event. Each set comes with an assortment of Baker's Choice emoji. QUANTITY:  1 Dozen (12 cake pops)
  • Glow In The Dark Cake Pops...we kid you not! Made with imported FDA approved neon edible dusts that will glow under blacklight. Your next paintball, laser tag or 80's disco theme party will be the hit with these fun cake pops. Quantity: 1 dozen
  • Kids Cake Pop Favors are prefect for goody bags and as a party thank you! Delicious and fun, you will be the best party host around. Choose from 8 flavors. Quantity: 1 dozen
  • Our Pancake Cake Pops are sure to have pancake lovers all over singing for joy! Now you can have your pancakes for dessert too. Perfect as a gift or dessert table addition for a brunch or lumberjack theme party. Quantity: 1 dozen
  • Our beautiful rose cake pops set makes a perfect birthday, anniversary, Valentine's or Mother's Day gift! You choose the flavor and color. Quantity: 1 Dozen
  • Our Summer Bash Cake Pops are the perfect treat to accompany your pool party or BBQ.  This assortment comes with 6 beach balls and 6 flip-flops in bright summer colors, individually wrapped. You choose the cake flavor and we'll decorate as shown. Quantity:  1 Dozen (6 Beach Balls / 6 Flip-Flops)