We proudly support fundraisers for your non-profit organization. We offer our basic cake pops at a discounted price for re-sale and you keep the profits.

Fundraiser Package

Fundraiser Cake Pops

  • Vanilla & Chocolate flavored
  • Dipped in white chocolate with baker’s choice sprinkles,
    made bon bon style on 4in sticks, and individually wrapped
  • 150-499 pieces – $2.40/ea
  • >500 pieces – $2.00/ea

Important Information

  • We require advance notice of at least 1 month prior for fundraisers
  • No customization on cake pops to qualify for discount
  • We require a valid 501 c3 and Missouri Tax Exempt Certificate for the organization before
    starting work on your order.
  • Please note that cake pops do better refrigerated over a period of several days, take that into
    consideration when planning your fundraising event.

ALLERGY WARNING: Our items are prepared and baked in a kitchen where products containing, eggs, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, and peanuts are produced. Our items may contain trace amounts of any of the above-listed ingredients. Consumption of our products is done so at your own risk.

To set-up your Fundraiser please call our store at 636-328-3922
or email your interest to