Cake Pops are dipped in a choice of White, Milk or Dark Chocolate. Colored cake pops are made using Candy Melts.

Our cake pops are made bon bon style which means the cake pop is on the bottom of the lolli stick OR upright, cake pop on the top of the stick. We individually wrap all our cake pops for freshness unless specified otherwise.

Basic Cake Pop Flavors

Starting at $36/dozen. We price each custom order individually so please Contact Us and we will be happy to get you a quote.


A rich chocolate cake blended with chocolate fudge frosting.


A rich buttery yellow cake blended with creamy vanilla frosting.


A light, fruity cake blended with strawberry frosting.

Butter Pecan

Smooth butter pecan cake blended with creamy vanilla frosting.


A moist white cake blended with creamy vanilla frosting.

Red Velvet

Moist and rich red velvet cake blended with cream cheese frosting.


A refreshing and light cake, not too tart, blended with lemon frosting.

German Chocolate

A light, German chocolate cake blended with a rich coconut and pecan* frosting. *Contains nuts and coconut.

Specialty Cake Pop Flavors

Starting at $42/dozen. We price each custom order individually so please Contact Us and we will be happy to get you a quote.


*made out of any 2 regular flavors
We recommend: Strawberry & Chocolate, Yellow & Chocolate, Orange & Chocolate, Strawberry & Lemon

Triple Chocolate

The chocolate lovers paradise! Our delicious chocolate cake packed full of milk, dark & white chocolate chips to create an ooey gooey chocolatey mouthful of yum!

Chocolate Mint

Our chocolate cake is infused with refreshing mint extract and Andes chips then we tuck more Andes chips into the cake ball with rich chocolate fudge frosting.

Chocolate Salted Caramel

We roll ropes of chewy caramel into our chocolate cake ball then dip it in dark chocolate sprinkled with a touch of sea salt.


Delicious spiced cake packed full of fresh carrots and chopped walnuts blended with rich Cream Cheese frosting

Chocolate Peanut Butter

We start with a dark chocolate cake batter packed with Reese’s peanut butter chips then tuck chunks of chopped of Reese’s peanut butter cups throughout the entire cake ball.

Cookies n Cream

Our popular vanilla cake batter is loaded up with Oreo chunks then we tuck more Oreo chunks into our cake ball.


A fresh orange cake blended with a zesty orange frosting.

Hot Cocoa

A classic holiday comfort drink turned into cake. Our classic vanilla cake is infused with freshly brewed hot cocoa for subtle milk chocolatey goodness. Dipped in creamy white chocolate topped with marshmallows & a sprinkle of cocoa, this classic will have you dreaming of cozy winter days and a mug of hot cocoa.

Spiked (Over 21) Cake Pop Flavors

Starting at $48/dozen. We price each custom order individually so please Contact Us and we will be happy to get you a quote.

Spiked Margarita

We infuse our white cake with a strong Margarita then blend with a creamy Vanilla Tequila frosting.

Spiked Godiva Brownie

Rich velvety chocolate cake batter infused with Godiva Liqueur then blended with more Godiva Liqueur.

Bailey’s Irish Cream

We infuse our butter cake batter with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream and chopped pecans then blend it with more Irish Cream

Spiked Pink Lemonade

We make our own tart pink lemonade cake infused with vodka then blended with more tart vodka infused frosting.


Our vanilla cake batter is infused with a delicious champagne then more bubbly goes into our frosting.

Holiday/Seasonal Flavors


A delicious pumpkin cake is blended with fresh cream cheese infused with more pumpkin for this cool delicious bite that tastes like Thanksgiving in your mouth! Even the non pumpkin pie lovers will get a kick out of this.

Candy Cane

Our moist white cake gets dressed up with peppermint bits for the perfect little minty fresh crunch of a candy cane. We recommend it dipped in dark chocolate.

Egg Nog

Our cake batter is infused heavily with egg nog and laced with nutmeg then drenched with more egg nog to bind it. Then we dip it in smooth white chocolate sprinkled with fresh nutmeg. Forget the drink…just reach for one of these bites for a decadent taste of the holidays!